Topic/Type: 1.5 Low-temperature, dusty and nano-plasmas, Poster

PIC simulation of dust acoustic soliton by considering dust size distribution

H. Abbasi, H. Gharaee, S. S. Afghah, S. M. Hosseini Jenab, M. Nopoush

Amirkabir University of Technology, 424 Hafez Ave., Tehran, Iran.

Dust acoustic soliton stability in an unmagnetized dusty plasma is studied based on a PIC code simulation, by considering size distribution of dust grains. The electrons and ions are considered as hot, isothermal, and Boltzmann distributed components, and the dust grains are modeled as a fluid. The comparison of dust acoustic soliton parameters is made between a mono-sized dusty plasma and a Gaussian dust size distribution. The simulation results are also compared with analytical conclusions.