Topic/Type: 1.1 Space & astrophysical plasmas, Poster

MHD simulations of current-sheet instabilities in solar flares

J. Skala1, M. Barta2, M. Varady1, 2

1 J. E. Purkinje University, Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic
2 Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences, Ondrejov, Czech Republic

Magnetic reconnection is nowadays commonly accepted as a key mechanism of energy release in solar flares. We attempt to simulate this process on a flare global scale using 3D MHD code. We started with a generalised Harris-like type of vertical current sheet (CS) in a gravitationally stratified solar atmosphere penetrated by magnetic field slightly decreasing with height. Such current sheets are supposed to be formed behind ejected erupting filament (CME). Using the code we study tearing instabilities and multiple plasmoids formation in the plane perpendicular to the CS as well as kink instabilities and related phenomena in the CS plane. While hierarchical tearing and multi-plasmoid reconnection can be relevant for particle acceleration in solar flares, the sheet-aligned instabilities may play a role in a CS structuring. We compare the results with a solar flare observations attempting to interpret observed phenomena in terms of CS instabilities.