Topic/Type: 1.2 Fusion Plasmas (magnetic & inertial confinement), Poster

Investigation of Energy Deposition of Heavy Ion Beams on a Spherical Target in Inertial Confinement Fusion

L.Gholamzadeh kelishomy, A.Ghasemizad

Department of Physics, University of Guilan, Rasht, Iran

Due to a favorable energy deposition behavior of heavy ions in matter, high accelerator efficiency and their high repetition rate and recent research results, it is expected that the heavy ion beam (HIB) would be one of energy driver candidates to operate a future inertial confinement fusion power plant. The main difference in energy deposition between ion beams and lasers is that the ions penetrate and deposit their energy well inside the target. HIB ions impinge the pellet surface and deposit their energy in a relatively deep and wide area. Hence, in recent years OK-1 simulation code is used to calculate the energy deposition of heavy ion beams and their irradiation non-uniformity onto a spherical target that this code is based on the stopping power of ions in matter. This code is based on the stopping power of ions in matter. In this paper, we used from OK-1 code and made some corrections in this code. Then we have evaluated heavy Ion beam irradiation non-uniformity for the different ion beams in the different kinds of targets by 12-20-32-60-120 beam irradiation schemes. In this survey, we obtained the favorable results that help us in optimizations of the beam parameters for further heavy ion fusion experiment design.