Topic/Type: 1.5 Low-temperature, dusty and nano-plasmas, Oral

Simulation of ion-acoustic solitons in magnetized plasmas with trapped and superthermal electrons

H. Abbasi, N. Ahmadihojatabad, M. Nouri Kadijani

Department of Nuclear Engineering and Physics, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran

Influence of both trapped and superthermal electrons on ion-acoustic (IA) solitons in magnetized plasmas is investigated. We have considered a plasma composed of the cold positively charged ions and hot electrons. Due to the presence of superthermal electrons, a high energy tail appears in the electron distribution function (DF) that is modeled by kappa DF.
In this work we apply a hybrid approximation which has kinetic feature for hot electrons and fluid feature for positive cold ions. It is a reasonable choice for simulation of many plasmas in which ion temperature is significantly less than electron temperature. A numerical scheme is presented to couple fluid and kinetic equations properly. We use vlasov model to advance electrons DF. Because of the presence of magnetic field, simulations are performed on the (2+3) dimensional phase space so it demands more memory and computation time. Therefore to overcome the problem of excessive memory storage and computation time, a parallelized version of the code has been implemented.
To test the code, a simulation of ion acoustic soliton propagation is considered. In the test a stationary ion acoustic soliton preserves its characteristics and also conservation laws remain valid.