Topic/Type: 1.6 Plasma-based devices, Poster

Modelling Study of Plasma Ignition and Combustion Stabilizing System

Haining Gao, Eddy Chui, Adrian Majeski

CanmetENERGY of Nature Resource Canada

Plasma ignition and combustion stabilizing (PICS) systems have been installed in over 470 utility boilers in China to reduce oil consumption during start-up and commissioning for thermal power plants (TPP). To understand the complicated processes of a PICS system for optimizing its design and operation, a CFD tool was employed to investigate a plasma system installed on a super critical boiler. By comparing the simulation results with the experimental data, the suitable coal and gaseous reaction models were selected to describe the chemical reactions of the plasma ignition process. The performance of the PICS under different operation conditions is investigated. The model results indicated that the operation conditions for both the plasma generator and the coal burner in the ignition system have a significant impact on ignition process; further improvement can be made by modifying operation conditions and design.