Topic/Type: 2.3 Hybrid methods, including PIC/DSMC and PIC/Fluid, Poster

Modeling of ion-acoustic solitons in magnetized plasma with superthermal electrons using hybrid code

H.Abbasi, M.Nouri Kadijani

Department of Nuclear Engineering and Physics, Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran,Tehran

In this paper, propagation of nonlinear ion acoustic (IA) solitons in magnetized plasmas with superthermal electrons, is studied. Due to the presence of superthermal electrons, a high energy tail appears in electron distribution function that is modeled by (kappa) distribution function.
In this work we apply a hybrid approximation. Electrons obey vlasov equation which is solved by Characteristics Method and ions behavior is determined by fluid equation. Because of the effect of magnetic field, the phase space is (1+3) dimensions that has one space and three velocity dimensions. The 4 dimensions phase space leads to huge amount of computations. Hence, it is necessary to make use of parallel programming.
To test the code, a stationary ion acoustic soliton must preserve its characteristics and also conservation laws must remain valid.