Topic/Type: 2.3 Hybrid methods, including PIC/DSMC and PIC/Fluid, Oral

Development and Application of a Fluid Model of a Magnetized Plasma

A. D. Greenwood, K. L. Cartwright, N. P. Lockwood

US Air Force Research Laboratory

The Improved Concurrent Electromagnetic Particle in Cell (ICEPIC) code, developed at the US Air Force Research Laboratory, enjoys a tradition of successfully modeling low density plasmas in microwave devices. However, the PIC method becomes computationally intractable as the plasma density increases. Thus, hybrid PIC/fluid methods are added to the code to increase its applicability.
A fluid model of electromagnetic plasma becomes more difficult in the presence of a static magnetic field. The model must now account for the gyrotropic behavior introduced by the magnetic field. The original ICEPIC fluid model does not account for this behavior, but the model is recently upgraded to allow fluid simulations in the presence of a magnetic field. An application of this model involves electromagnetic interaction with the earth?s ionosphere.
The presentation covers the fluid model of a magnetized plasma in more detail. Test cases, including a microwave excited plasma discharge in the ionosphere, are presented.