Topic/Type: 1.1 Space & astrophysical plasmas, Poster

Nonlinear effects associated with the dispersive Alfv?n waves in space plasmas

S. Kumar, R. P. Sharma


This paper presents the model equations governing the nonlinear dynamics of the dispersive Alfv?n wave (DAW) in the low beta plasmas,applicable to solar corona and intermediate beta plasmas, applicable to solar wind in Earth?s magnetosphere. The pump DAW is perturbed by a low frequency fast wave (FW). When the ponderomotive nonlinearities are incorporated in the DAW and FW dynamics, the model equations of DAW and FW turn out to be the modified Zakharov system of equations (MZSE). Growth rate and threshold field for modulational (filamentation) instability have been calculated. The dependence of the growth rate on the perturbation wave number and the pump wave parameters (like perpendicular wave number) has also been presented.