Topic/Type: 1.6 Plasma-based devices, Poster

Study of the arc plasma inside an industrial electrical breaker

M. Al-Amayreh1, S. Ausmeier1, A. Petchenko1, R. Kralik3, H. Hofmann2, C. Weindl2, H. Iglseder4, O. Nilsson 3, A. Ignatov3, A. Delgado1

1 Lehrstuhl f?r Str?mungsmechanik, Friedrich-Alexander-Universit?t Erlangen-N?rnberg,
2 Lehrstuhl f?r Elektrische Energieversorgung, Friedrich-Alexander-Universit?t Erlangen-N?rnberg,
3 Schaltbau GmbH
4 STMS - Consulting

This paper explores the effect of magnetic field on the arc plasma in an industrial electrical breaker. A three dimensional transient computational model of flow is studied taking into consideration variation of the flow properties with temperature. An environment is considered wherein the magnetic field is generated by two coils placed around the plasma runner. The CFX program is used in the study to simulate the arc plasma flow and heat transfer. In addition, Optical sensors are embedded in different parts of the electrical breaker to measure the light of emission, which could help to estimate the time of flight of the arc plasma and its velocity.
The strength of emission was very high in the first contact. The distribution of the magnetic field from the coils was not symmetry due to the appears of the current in the first coil. The results show that the current flow governed with area of the arc plasma and the temperature, as the temperature increases and the arc plasma elongates the current decreases. And the flow of the arc plasma was turbulence.