Topic/Type: 1.6 Plasma-based devices, Poster

Computer model for plasma devices based on the plasma lens configuration

A.lexy Goncharov1, Irina Litovko2

1 Institute of Physics NAS of Ukraine
2 Institute for Nuclear Research NAS of Ukraine

In the paper we present a new approach for creation effective axially symmetric plasma optical tools for focusing and manipulating high-current beams of electrons and negative ions. This approach is based on fundamental plasma optical concept of magnetic insulation of electrons and non-magnetized positive ions providing creation of controlled uncompensated cloud of the space charge. The axially symmetric electrostatic plasma optical lens is a well known and well developed tool where this concept is used successfully. This provides control and focusing of high-current positive ion beams in a wide range of parameters. Here we present computer simulation results based on the PIC-model describing the application of an idea of magnetic isolation of electrons for the stable cloud of positive space charge generation by focusing onto axis the converging stream of heavy ions produced by circular accelerator with closed electron drift. The work presents the results of preliminary researches of potential distribution in non-compensated ion flow that converges onto axis of symmetry of the system.