Topic/Type: 2.1 MHD, EHD & other fluid methods, Poster

Consistent coupling in FEM-PIC codes for Vlasov-Maxwell Simulations

M. Campos Pinto

CNRS, IRMA Strasbourg (France)

We develop a general mathematical framework for electromagnetic Particle-In-Cell
(PIC) codes that can be used on structured as well as unstructured or hybrid grids. It
can accomodate high order Maxwell solvers and arbitrary smoothing functions for the
particles. Moreover, it includes an exact discrete continuity equation, with no additional
coding complexity when compared to classical PIC schemes. The lowest order version of
our formulation corresponds on a rectangular grid to the traditional Cloud-In-Cell (CIC)
version of the PIC method coupled to a Yee Maxwell solver and the Villasenor-Buneman
charge deposition scheme.