Topic/Type: 1.4 Accelerators & Beams, Poster

Computer Simulation of Charge Particle Beam Extraction and Transport

I. Litovko

Institute for Nuclear Research NAS of Ukraine

The computer model is developed for solving 3-dimension stationary problems of forming charged particle beams in external and self-consistent electric and magnetic fields in vacuum and gas-filled systems. It uses the method of integral equations with calculation of potential through surface and space density of charges. Charged particles flows are simulated by current tubes of variable width with central trajectory. A shape of trajectories in electromagnetic field is calculated using Boris-like scheme. The density and field evaluated from calculation of current tubes characteristics. A space charge density is calculated using equation of continuity. An iteration method with relaxation of space charge and magnetic field (or current of trajectories) is used to find the self-consistent solution. The simulations have been used for investigation of the beam quality and plasma sources optimization for specific application needs.