Topic/Type: 1.1 Space & astrophysical plasmas, Invited

Numerical modelling of the solar convection zone

Francois Rincon

Laboratoire d?Astrophysique de Toulouse-Tarbes, Universit? de Toulouse, CNRS, France

The Sun is the stage of many extremely spectacular
turbulent magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) processes. Its
proximity to the Earth makes one of the most exciting
fluid dynamics and plasma laboratories available to us.

The focus of this talk will be on the dynamics of the
solar convection zone, which extends from the depth of
200000 km to the visible solar surface.In the first part of
the talk, I will briefly describe several outstanding problems
pertaining to MHD turbulence in this region, notably the existence
of complex surface flow patterns (granulation and supergranulation),
solar differential rotation and the generation of magnetic
field (the solar dynamo). I will then review some of the
massive numerical efforts made in the last decade to
improve our understanding of these highly nonlinear
phenomena, from global large-scale simulations of rotating
MHD convection in spherical geometry to local high-resolution
cartesian simulations of turbulent dynamo action. I will
finally discuss the important modelling issues and limitations
of the current generation of solar turbulence simulations
and outline future directions in the field.