Topic/Type: 1.2 Fusion Plasmas (magnetic & inertial confinement), Poster

Self-consistent modeling of a convective stability and MHD-equilibrium of collisionless plasmas

M. M. Tsventoukh

Lebedev Physical Institute RAS, Leninsky ave. 53, 119991 Moscow, The Russian Federation

Simple magnetic geometries e.g. open mirrors and their closed chains; traps with immersed in plasma conductors, including the dipole-based configurations; field-reversed configurations with high-beta plasmas are of great interest. One of aspects is the advanced-fuel fusion cycles utilizing, another is the optimal system for hybrid ? fusion-fission reactor. Also such magnetic confinement systems can be applied for e.g. the high-power ECR multi-charged ions sources, and for technological reactors.
A new model is designed for self-consistent calculations of both convective-stable, and equilibrium magnetically confined plasma configurations. Systems for such analysis are stabilized neither by average minB, nor by magnetic shear. Plasma convective stability is derived from big field lines curvature, which allows stability at not very big pressure gradients.
The plasma convective-stability according to Kruskal-Oberman kinetic description [M.D.Kruskal, C.R.Oberman, Phys Fluids 1 (1958) 275; M.N.Rosenbluth, N.Rostoker, ibid 2 (1959) 23] iteratively consistent with the plasma MHD-equilibrium [H.Grad, Phys Fluids 10 (1967) 137; V.V.Arsenin, A.Yu.Kuyanov, Trans. Fus. Sci. Tech., 39 1T (2001) 175] at finite pressure and given anisotropy is considered. This method differs from previously designed by self-consistency of calculations both plasma equilibrium and convective stability according to necessary and sufficient kinetic description of a collisionless plasmas.
It was shown that the kinetic description of the convective stability gives more favorable confinement parameters, than MHD-model (where ), not only by plasma localization but also from point of view of equilibrium. So e.g. the plasma beta increases toward the field null much slowly, than in the MHD-description. Also the plasma confinement in outward-decreasing field systems can be advanced by use of special plasma anisotropy cases [Tsventoukh, 36th Int. Conf. on Plas. Phys. and CF, Feb. 9-13 2009, Zvenigorod, Russia (\_e.doc)].