Topic/Type: 1.2 Fusion Plasmas (magnetic & inertial confinement), Poster

An Exercize on Code Verification in Magnetic Fusion Modelling

J. P. S.Bizarro, J. S. Ferreira

Associa??o Euratom-IST, Instituto de Plasmas e Fus?o Nuclear, Instituto Superior T?cnico, 1049 Lisboa, Portugal

The importance of code verification and validation (V&V) has been growing in a considerable manner in the eyes of magnetic fusion modellers, and there has been a significant effort in defining a set of rules, procedures and good practices to be accepted by the fusion coommunity[1]. A widely used code to study transport in tokamaks, particulalrly regarding the analysis of so-called advanced tokamak (AT) scenarios with internal transport barriers (ITBs) and high fractions of the self-generated bootstrap (BS) current, is the semi-empirical JETTO code [2]. Such a code has already been calibrated, or benchmarked, for the purposes of carrying out fully predictive simulations of AT scenarios in JET-like plasmas [3], the purpose of the present paper being to carry out a similar, comparative exercize, but now using the full-blown methodology and set of error metrics recently proposed to be followed for code verification in magnetic fusion research [1].

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