Topic/Type: 1.2 Fusion Plasmas (magnetic & inertial confinement), Poster

One-dimensional Vlasov simulation of parallel transport in SOL region

K Saharia1, K S Goswami1, D Sarmah2, P K Kaw2

1 Centre of Plasma Physics, Tepesia, Sonapur- 782 402, Kamrup(M), India
2 Institute for Plasma Research, Bhat, Gandhinagar- 382 428, India

Heat flux and particle flow parallel to the magnetic field direction is studied in the scrape-off layer (SOL) region of Tokamak using a one dimensional Vlasov code. Present model includes the secondary cold electron emission from the divertor plate along with primary electrons and ions. Interaction of these secondary electrons with the source electrons entering into the SOL region from the core is studied. For ions the boundaries are considered to be completely absorbing. It is found that inward directed secondary electron stream can generate a two stream type instability causing the electron distribution turbulent and hence make the heat flux oscillatory.