Topic/Type: 2.3 Hybrid methods, including PIC/DSMC and PIC/Fluid, Poster

Improved Time Integration Techniques for EM-PIC

M. T. Bettencourt, K. L. Cartwright

US Air Force Research Laboratory

Many low density plasma solutions are obtained through the Finite Difference Time Domain-Particle In Cell method (FDTD-PIC). This scheme can accurately resolve EM fields with second order accuracy. However, the particle update, while being second order in time, lacks spatial accuracy, neglects Coulomb collisions, and is subject to grid heating. The spatial and Coulomb issues are resolved when nearest neighbor effects are taken into account through schemes like P3M. However, this approach further increases the grid heating issue resulting from P3M\'s better resolution of the discontinuous forces acting on the particles.

The research presented in this presentation focuses on the development of time integrators for both standard PIC and P3M-PIC. It is shown that these schemes are stable and preserve energy for larger time steps and improve particle tracking in phase space.