Topic/Type: 1.5 Low-temperature, dusty and nano-plasmas, Poster

Numerical Simulation of Nonlinear Dynamical Behavior in Thermionic Discharge at low Pressure

W. H. Koh

Hanseo University, Seosan, Korea

Nonlinear dynamical behaviors in the Pierce diode are investigated using a fluid model and a particle-in-cell simulation. An electrostatic PIC code is developed to model the plasma discharge system including the kinetic effects. The nonlinear dynamics in the plasma discharge system is examined systematically. The simulation results show that the nonlinear oscillation structures are observed for cold plasma in the system and the similar structures are observed for warm plasma with a shift in values of the bifurcation parameter. The detailed oscillation process can be subdivided into three distinct mode; anode-glow, temperature-limited, and double-layer modes.