Topic/Type: 1.3 High intensity Laser Plasma Interaction, Poster

The radiative magnetohydrodynamics of plasma produced by picosecond laser beams in gases

V. A. Skvortsov1, N. I. Vogel2

1 Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology (State University), 141700, Dolgoprudny, Moscow Region, Institutsky lane, 9, Russia
2 University of Technology, Chemnitz, 09107, Germany

A computer simulations of the radiative magnetohydrodynamic processes initiated by laser beams with taken into account a laser beam compression (in dispersive plasma) and without theme had been produced. The examples of results of computer simulation will be represented for a case, when the single laser pulse compression riches 10 times (from 100 ps on half width to 10 ps).The achieved physical parameters (ion and electron temperatures in keV- range) show us that used ?small? laser system (Nd YAG, l=1.06 mm, 100 mJ ?energy of main pulse, 100 ps ? initial pulse duration in half width) is also very interesting in comparison with a large pulsed power systems [1].The maximum value of inductance of magnetic fields at the moment of time t=20 ps (the end of compressed laser pulse) riches approximately 10 MG, and the maximum tension of electric field - E=14 MV/cm. In this case (Al-target in atmosphere of H) the maximum value of mass velocity of plasma ?laser bullet? riches 1000 km/s as in experiments [2].
It had been shown that not only thermo-magnetic [3] but also an explosive instability can take place in laser-produced plasma with some time delay td (for example, for case of non compressed laser beam, we have td = 2 ns).

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