Topic/Type: 1.3 High intensity Laser Plasma Interaction, Poster

Physics of the laser produced ''Magnetoms''

Vladimir A. Skvortsov

Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology (State University), 141700, Dolgoprudny, Moscow Region, Institutsky lane,9, Russia

The soliton-like solutions for quasi-static magnetic and electric fields had been obtained in numerical solution of Maxwell equations in matter (under an intense laser radiation influence when a thermo-magnetic instability takes place [1]). What physical objects correspond to such solutions in reality? Such objects are very similar to quasi atoms with high number of electrons and ions "magnetoms" [1] with freezing super strong magnetic fields. In the vicinity of such systems (in micron or sub microns regions) as in atoms, there are a very high pressures, electric and magnetic fields, an effective ion temperatures (in keV or MeV ranges in dependence from total energy input). Under these conditions a very high internal energy concentration takes place. Most probably some of hot "magnetoms" can be transformed into miniature black-holes [2], and then, an exotic quasi particles can be generated due to quantum evaporation of such systems [3]. It is known [4] that Maxwell equations in matter involve the same closed symmetry as well as Dirac equation. So a bipolar quasi particles can be exists as analog of observed magnetic bisolitons.

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