Oscar Buneman Award

Two "Oscar Buneman Awards" will be awarded for the most insightful scientific visualizations, continuing a tradition that began at the 16th ICNSP. The award has two categories: one for the Best Still Image and another for the Best Animation.


Nomination letters must be submitted to the conference chairman by Monday, October 5th, 2009. The nomination letters must include instructions for accessing the vizualizations online as well as a brief supporting statement.

2009 Oscar Buneman Award

The winner of the 2009 Oscar Buneman Awards are, D. Cai and B. Lembege/ Tsukuba University and LATMOS-UVSQ-IPSL-CNRS, in the still image category, and B. Chaudhury and J. P. Boeuf / LAPLACE, France, in the animation category. The members of the 2009 Oscar Buneman award comittee were Luis L. Alves (ICNSP'09 LOC), João P. Bizarro (ICNSP'09 LOC), and Viktor Decyk (UCLA).

Previous Recipients

Edition Still image Animation
20th Pieter Messmer, Chet Nieter, and John Cary / Tech-X Corporation Luís Gargaté / IST, Portugal
19th Hideaki Miura / NIFS, Japan Jun Aoki / Kyoto U. , Japan
18th V.I.Sotnikov, B.S.Bauer, J.N.Leboeuf, P.Hellinger, P.Travnicek, V.Fiala P.J.Mardahl, K.L.Cartwright, A.D.Greenwood, T.Murphy, M.D.Haworth, M.Lopez
17th Ricardo Fonseca / UCLA, USA Christopher Garasi / SNL, USA
16th Takaya Hayashi / NIFS, Japan Akira Kageyama / NIFS, Japan


John Dawson Award

To commemorate the late John Dawson a specialized award for pioneering advances to plasma physics obtained through simulations will be presented. This is a historical award for past (pre-ICNSP'09) achievements.


Official nomination letters for the Dawson Prize (individual or group award) must be sent to the conference chairman by Friday, September 4, 2009. The letters have to clearly describe the scope of the work and its impact.

2009 John Dawson Prize

The winner of the 2009 John Dawson prize is Viktor Decyk / UCLA, for "his seminal contributions to the development of parallel algorithms for particle-in-cell simulations, for his subtraction technique, and for the body of work which has benefited from his PIC codes and software". The members of the 2009 John Dawson prize comittee were Jeremiah Brackbill (Dawson award recipient), Bruce Langdon (Dawson award recipient) and Ricardo Fonseca (ICNSP'09 chairman).

Previous Recipients

Edition Winners
20th Jeremiah Brackbill / LANL
19th Tetsuya Sato/ Earth Simulator Center, Japan
18th C. K. Birdsall / UCB, USA & A. B. Langdon / LLNL,USA


ELI Student Poster Award

This edition will also feature a special student ELI best student poster award, for students presenting work relevant to the ELI project (http://www.extreme-light-infrastructure.eu/).


Nomination letters must be submitted to the conference chairman by Monday, October 5th, 2009.

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